Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#14 - Anderson Gray, Letters from Woodmere, Evansville, Indiana

     Anderson Gray spent an unknown number of the last weeks of his life in a hospital at that time called "The Southern Indiana Hospital for the Insane". His death certificate says that senility was one of the causes of his death, but these letters make it obvious that he was able to think and reason at the time they were written. Though the doctor released Anderson, and Anderson asked his son and daughter-in-law to take him home, he died at the hospital a few weeks after the letters were written. While it's heartbreaking to read the letters and find that he was apparently never brought home, we don't know all the circumstances of the situation. Thanks to a distant cousin our ours, at least we have a copy of a letter Anderson wrote, and we know somewhat more about him.

Transcription of the letter from Anderson to his son, Morton, and daughter-in-law: 

Woodmere, Evansville, Indiana
September 7, 1924

Dear Son & Daughter
The Doctor just told me this morning that you could take me out any time you would come after me. I hope to see you Soon. I am still better than I was. Hope this will find you both the same. From Dad

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  1. They recently found an unmarked cemetery on the hospital grounds. Since the letter is marked before 1943, which is when the main facility burned down, he could have been buried on the property and the records may have been lost.