Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Sunday, January 9, 2011

#15 - Matilda Hubbs, Headstone in Berea Cemetery (Morgan County, Illinois)

Matilda; Wife of A. Gray; Died July 26, 1872; Aged 24 Ys. 8M. 17 D.

Matilda Hubbs was the wife of Anderson Gray and the mother of one known child, Anna Gray. Anna Frances Green told me she was told that Anna Gray was "an orphan from Ohio". Research led me to the marriage record of Anna's father, Anderson, to Matilda Hubbs in Morgan County, Illinois, not Ohio. (Family stories are not always accurate, but that's the purpose of research. Anna lost her mother, not her father, and so she was not truly an orphan.) Matilda's family had lived in Indiana but moved to Illinois. Anderson most likely knew the family when they lived in Indiana, and then went to Illinois where he married Matilda. Anna was born in Illinois two and a half years after Anderson and Matilda were married. Matilda died just six years later. After Matilda's death, Anderson and Anna moved back to Martin County where Anderson remarried.

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