Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Saturday, January 8, 2011

#2 - Harold John Green, WW1 Draft Record

This is the WW1 Draft Registration card for Harold J. Green (#2). Though he filled out a card, he was not known to have been drafted. At the time he registered for the draft he was married to Jennie Josephine Hart and had one daughter, Anna. Some records of Harold J. Green give his first name as Harold, others as John. This one says it was John. Family members today remember his first name to have always been known as Harold. If you'd like, you can click on the draft card to open it up in another window. Then click again, if necessary, to enlarge it. Click on the back arrow to return to the blog.

Abbie Hunt (Harold J's granddaughter) and Marian Green Basom (Harold J's daughter) shared information about the answer in Part 3, Page 2 of the registration card where it is stated that Harold is crippled. They said that Harold always walked with a limp. Both Abbie and Marian were told as children that he limped because, as a boy, Harold was stepped on by a horse. They never gave much consideration to his limp. Abbie said, "We never thought of him as crippled - but he was".

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