Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Pedrigree Chart for Anna, Margo and Marian

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Inventory from Probate for Gideon Coulter #26

My thanks to a cousin, Sandy, who posted the Inventory of Gideon Coulter on She has graciously allowed me to post it here.

Gideon Coulter's Inventory is a list of belongings in his possession at the time of his death (including money on hand and notes he held). The Inventory declares a value for each of the items. Go to the post of the will of Gideon Coulter to see how he wanted his possessions distributed after his death.

Estate Inventory Cover Page

Gideon's son, William F. Coulter, was named in Gideon's will as executor of the estate.

Part 1 of the Inventory.

Part 2 of the Inventory continues from Part 1 above.

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